sreda, 28. januar 2015

just do it man

they tell you not to do it but you know what...when you feel like kicking some shit in them nikeies...just kick it..just do it man...after all, it's just a game right..

petek, 09. januar 2015

torek, 06. januar 2015

chit chat

American actress Cameron Diaz and slovenian skateboarder Uroš Kovač (row skateboards) are married. The cute couple said their vows at an intimate wedding ceremony held at Diaz's Beverly Hills home yesterday night. Diaz and Kovač have reportedly been seeing each other since May and got engaged in December, although the couple had never officially confirmed it until now. The news came like a bolt from the blue for Kovač's longtime girlfriend "I've noticed he's been acting wierd lately, not showing any interest in me at all. He seemed to be absent, somewhere else. I see now he's been somewhere elese literally. He was supposedly skating with his friends when in reality he's been grinding this old bitch." Well. Anyhow. We can also see some mean drawings on his upper limbs. Our sources revealed he's been treated with some free tattoo sessions by a good friend, also row chief executive officer.

torek, 23. december 2014

say cheese!

official bowl fondue at port land will go down on december 26th. if you are in the vicinity of basel make sure to be there! boldrider won't be able to make it but will be checking the new SITE for upcoming gatherings!! cheers to the extended port land family!!!

ponedeljek, 08. december 2014

bartending for dummies

some familiar faces are bartending at bikofe/ljubljana tonight. go order a bloody mary or a white russian later on so you can slam at metelkova right after. watch your back though..

četrtek, 04. december 2014

ramp opening

this saturday you can come to rog/ljubljana and congratulate deso on yet another indoor wooden structure he built with a little help from his friends. after inauguration of two indoor bowls one built by alprem crew in kamnik and one by ivan vadnal crew in prestranek it's time for a mini ramp again. well, a different kind of miniramp. there's pool copings on both sides, extensions, deathbox, built in traffic sign, light show... you name it.. looks like skaters in slowenia are gonna have a merry winter this year. bring some drinks and food. also money to buy a zine from tada's 585 and ofcourse to fill the generator with some gas. check out some photos from the process of making this wooden beast... foto: tomaž šantl